What’s New w/ Scott Burns

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What’s New w/ Scott Burns

What’s New? w/ SCOTT BURNS is part of a series in which MVO: The Voice-Over Guys’ checks-in with one of our male voiceover talents to learn more about a recent media project he has voiced. Here’s what Scott shared with us.

First Hawaiian Bank Scott Burns MVO The Voiceover Guys1. You mentioned a really cool voiceover project in your recent MVO: The Voiceover Guys update. Can you talk about who the project was for and where it was heard or seen?

This project was for First Hawaiian Bank and I’m fairly positive it was seen only in Hawaii! The advertising agency responsible for producing the spot was MVNP in Honolulu.

2. What made the media production’s content interesting from your perspective?

The content called for a variety of football sports announcers to be montaged together in a collage of sound to replicate actual play-by-play moments. The TV spot was titled “Our Journey” and features Honolulu’s hometown hero Marcus Mariota (Quarterback for the Tennessee Titans) as he begins an early morning run. More people join in as the scenes progress, while the audio montage of exciting game highlights continue to build.

What makes it interesting from my perspective is that it’s a bank commercial…with absolutely nothing mentioned about banking. Further, no messaging about First Hawaiian Banks services to customers are used. You only see who the ad is for at the :27 mark of the :30 second commercial.

3. As the voice talent in the media project, were there any technical or performance challenges during this voiceover recording session?

The recording was performed at Clatter and Din Studios in Seattle via Source Connect with a studio in Hawaii. Only once was there a technical issue when it was deemed necessary to end the connection and restart Source Connect. (Not sure why, probably a whale migration crossing somewhere…)
The Performance challenge was repeatedly yelling as various sports announcers would do without having my voice crack! When I offered to do a re-take the creative director interrupted and said, “We actually LIKE it when your voice cracks…it’s more believable!”

4. Is there anything else you would like us to know about this voiceover project?

When I submitted my audition for this project I wanted to provide as authentic a sound of various sports announcers as I could. So rather than just voicing the short lines they provided to read, I produced every segment in Adobe Audition. That entailed researching Marcus Mariota’s plays on YouTube, transcribing the play-by-play and then building a sound design using cheering crowds, referee whistles and stadium horns. I then proceeded to re-call the plays as Al Michaels, Joe Buck, Chris Collinsworth and others might do. I also provided the same segments without any effects so they can hear what the voices sounded like without the benefit of filtering for context.

Scott’s recent voice work includes “Global Traveler” for Alaska Airlines, “Taste Test Dummy” for Foster Farms and a Johnny Carson impersonation for Miller Beer. Amazon.com hired him to voice a series of radio and pandora spots for their mobile app. Launch Consulting Group featured Scotts narration reads for Microsofts Visual Studio Curiosity Kiosks in New York. He’s provided his talents for an immersive learning video for Fishy Tales Digital, Inc.

In the spring of 2016 Lionel Trains fast tracked the release the Wabash Bluebird 21″ station sounds diner car featuring Burns as the voice of the conductor.

Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar continues to serve Scott’s commanding yet conversational reads throughout their TV, Radio and Movie Theater ad campaigns.

Other clients include Nintendo, K-Mart, T-Mobile, Skechers, Nickelodeon, T-Mobile, Skechers, Blue Cross-Blue Shield,IBM Cloud, Century Link, North Shore Mayo, 5th Avenue Theater, Sound Transit, Washington Dental Services, Bumbershoot, Les Schwab, Seattle MOHAI, Blizzard, Bungie, Humongous, Monolith.

Scott Burns versatility and range has solved many a producers predicaments. From a “fierce and growly” voice for Bowser in Nintendos Super Mario Games to the subtle whisperings of a golf announcer for Skechers, Scott’s ability to vocally shape-shift will serve you well. As a full time sound design engineer and audio producer for a leading Seattle area advertising agency, Burns knows first hand the time efficiencies and professional quality required from both sides of the glass.

Scott Burns began his voiceover career years ago after a sojourn to California to meet character voice master Pat Fraley, who listened to Scott’s cassette demo, then told him to go forth and seek an agent. Since that confidence boosting advice, Scott has amassed an impressive resume of work in commercials, games and even film, where he provided the voice of Tom Brokaw in the 2011 movie,” Subject: I Love You.” Equipped with top of the line professional recording gear both at work and home, as well as four major studios nearby…Scott Burns is looking forward to exceeding your expectations!

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