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I recently relocated from the Drizzle-Fizzle of the Pacific Northwest to the Razzle-Dazzle of Las Vegas, where my residency boasts a professional studio just minutes away from the heart of the Entertainment Capitol of the World!

My voice acting career began with a visit to Los Angeles to meet with Pat Fraley, a gifted and prolific character voice actor from Seattle who’d recently moved to the area. Pat graciously shared not only key advice on how I could find my way as an independent contractor in VoiceOver, but also provided a guided tour of his home studio! Sure, it was a closet with shirts, shoes and pants still occupying the space…but it was the first ever home studio of it’s kind I’d ever seen, and I was in awe!

Equipped with the knowledge that this work ‘can be fun’ I’ve been blessed to share my tonsils with seemingly countless commercial, narration and character voice productions these past 30+ years. (Heavy on the ‘plus’) Additionally I gained significant perspective on the art of VoiceOver from my experience on the other side of the glass, producing commercials, promos and assorted other audio related material for KING and Bonneville Broadcasting early in my career. Most recently I served as Senior Audio Producer for an advertising/marketing firm in the Seattle area…casting, directing, recording and producing spots for 14 years. (That was a LONG session!)

Voice acting has been my life ever since growing up on a farm in rural northern Idaho, first pretending to be a wacky radio announcer screaming into a tape recorder in my bedroom…then actually becoming a wacky radio announcer screaming into a microphone hooked up to a 1000 watt transmitter of KRPL in Moscow. A quick trek from there to Great Falls, Spokane, Boston and eventually Seattle landed me that fateful meetup with Pat Fraley, to whom I’m eternally grateful.

The fun never ends…!

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