In addition to really enjoying voice-over performing, New York City-based voice actor (and member of MVO: The Voice-Over Guys) CHRISTIAN ROSSELLI loves trains. He really enjoys train trips as a way to see the country.

One of the trips Christian has always wanted to take was the train from New York City up to Buffalo, NY, and this weekend, he did.

Which was a nice treat for Buffalo, NY-based voice-over talent PETER K. O’CONNELL. With this latest MVO: The Voice-Over Guys get together, Peter got to show off his hometown to Christian, who had never been to Buffalo before, during one of the nicest and busiest times of the year in the Nickel City.

And Peter knows a few things about train travel as well so they got to swap train stories as well as solve all the world’s voice-over problems.

A fun time was had by all, er, both.

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