What’s New w/ James Clamp

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What’s New w/ James Clamp

What’s New? w/ JAMES CLAMP is part of a series in which MVO: The Voice-Over Guys’ checks-in with one of our male voiceover talents to learn more about a recent media project he has voiced. Here’s what James shared with us.

1. You mentioned a really cool voiceover project in your recent MVO: The Voiceover Guys update. Can you talk about who the project was for and where it was heard or seen?

It was a promo for a Dutch TV show for 20-35 year olds that sends one person in a relationship off on a sunny vacation (on some made up premise) and whilst there, tempts them to see if they will cheat. The person doesn’t know they’re being deliberately tempted or what’s being filmed. Not only that, the partner that stays at home is also, unbeknownst to them, being tempted and filmed. After a week, they get the couple back together in a room and show them what they’ve filmed…..

2. What made the media production’s content interesting from your perspective?

I love doing promo’s for these kinds of “embarrassing” shows. It’s super fun to try to tease out the humour in the script.

3. As the voice talent in the media project, were there any technical or performance challenges during this voiceover recording session?

Trying to tease and tempt with your voice, sometimes with your tongue firmly in your cheek, without sounding cheesy or forced, is very challenging.

4. Is there anything else you would like us to know about this voiceover project?

I’m not sure if the show will air………I’m not judging  🙂


James Clamp is an Award Winning young British Voice Over Actor originally from London, England. He collected his first Earphone Award in January 2011

Based in New York, he works from his fully equipped professional ISDN and Source Connect capable studio specializing in Commercials, Promo’s, Corporate Videos, Audiobooks, eLearning Modules and Training Narrations.

He’s proficient at many accents including RP, Cockney, Northern English, Australian, Scottish, South African, French and Russian. Please feel free to phone or email with any questions, or to request a proposal.

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