What’s New w/ Rowell Gormon

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<i>What’s New</i> w/ Rowell Gormon

What’s New? w/ ROWELL GORMON is part of a series in which MVO: The Voice-Over Guys’ checks-in with one of our male voiceover talents to learn more about a recent media project he has voiced. Here’s what Rowell shared with us.

1. Can you tell us about a recent voiceover project you’ve recently enjoyed working on? Who was it for?
…voiced a character in an interactive training project aimed at money managers. I was one of the instructors, Mr. Pennyworth.

2. What was the project all about?
DOLLAR DECISIONS uses an animated game format, complete with robots and time travel, to teach money managers about how various financial and investment decisions affect retirement savings.

3. How did the project come to you? Agent? Website? Past client?
I was contacted by a studio in town. They’ve known me for years. The put me forward for their new client using existing demo clips.

4. What was the most interesting or enjoyable part of this project for you?
I didn’t even have to audition. The producer knew she wanted me from the studio’s demos and that I could act the part of a banker. She knew exactly what she wanted to hear, and was happy with a run-through of my lines in only one take (I did a few pickups of one line at my own suggestion). Plus, the talent fee was very generous.


Rowell (conveniently rhymes with “role”) Gormon is a full-time professional voiceover talent. He provides commercial voices (for TV, radio & web), narration voices and of course, character voices.

Known to many as the “Man of 999 1/2 Voices”, Rowell is equally at home doing a relaxed guy-next-door read in one session, then a convincing businessman or senior citizen in the next, shifting to laid-back storyteller, to a toy robot, to a stuffy butler, or an animated light bulb…all before lunch.

Rowell provides full audio editing and production too! Rowell works from his ISDN-equipped studio, making his clients’ lives a lot easier as “Mr. Warm and Friendly Voice…with Character”.

Rowell is also available for quick turnaround voiceover projects like e-learning, documentary narration, animation, explainer videos as well as audiobooks.



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