IT’S PRETTY FUNNY when voice-talents speak to people in other industries about the voice-over business.

They usually say ‘what a cool business it must be’ or that they’ve ‘always wanted to try voice-over’.

Then when the discussion goes a little deeper and they hear how many people are involved in voice-over, they note that the competition must be pretty intense.

When they hear it’s not, they’re incredulous. “How could it not be with all those people competing for jobs?!”

The answer is simple but the disbelief remains.

Voice talents don’t compete against each other because, all things being equal, the decision on who gets the voice-over job comes from the subjective ear of the producers.

Since no voice talent can know what that sound is inside the producer’s head – obviously only the producer knows– all the voice talent can do is perform to the best of his/her ability and hope for the best.

So when MVO: The Voice-Over Guys was formed, there were no egos or arguments or jockeying for position. It was 20 really talented, really experienced and really professional voice talents. Each sounded unique. As a group they are able to provide a producer with an amazing list of male voice choices all in one place.

Each gentleman’s unique sound, his professional voice-over credits, his stellar reputation got him in them in the door. And each guy knew that.

‘20’ just seemed like the right number. Looking at it now that we all the guys together, we’ve created The Dream Team of Voice-Over!

And they are a great group of guys to be teamed with. Let us know if we can help you with the voice-over work on your next media project. We’re pretty fun to work with!

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