Over at Benztown, their are running their 2nd Annual #Cans4Cans promotion to raise food donations and awareness of the L.A. Food Bank.


All anyone has to do is take a picture of themselves with their headphones on (aka “Cans” in the audio recording industry) and Benztown will donate a can of food to the L.A. Food Bank.

MVO: The Voice-Over Guys gladly supports this effort by posting the following pictures of our Voice-Over Guys in Action!

Johnny George_Cans4Cans

Peter K. O'Connell_Cans4Cans

Dave DeAndrea_Cans4Cans

Chuck Davis_Cans4Cans

Christian Rosselli_Cans4Cans

Brad Venable_Cans4Cans

Bob Souer_Cans4Cans

Dan Friedman_Cans4Cans

George Washington III_Cans4Cans

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