MVO: The Voice-Over Guys NFL Showdown 2018 week 13

Male Voiceover Talent PATRICK SWEENEY and Buffalo takes on Male Voice Talent DOUG TURKEL and Miami (a long standing AFC rivalry) during NFL Showdown 2018 week 13.

Football Showdown 2018 Week 13 MVO The Voiceover Guys


Patrick Sweeney works as a full time voice actor based in Toronto, Canada and has over 13 years of experience working in the voiceover industry. He specializes in TV and Radio Commercials, Medical and Corporate Narration, Animation, Video Games, Documentaries and e-Learning.

What sets Patrick apart is his versatility and range, his passion and professionalism in delivering quality work to ensure customer satisfaction when building long term relationships. Effective listening skills and clarifying specific client needs allows him to tailor his work around expectations when striving to exceed expectations

Patrick is married with 2 young boys and is kept busy coaching his son’s basketball and baseball teams, Taekwondo, working out at the gym, following professional sports and watching Netflix. Some people actually call him ‘Binge’!

His work is recorded 24/7 from a state of the art, professionally designed recording studio that is fully equipped to provide quality audio via Source-Connect, ISDN, ipDTL, Skype or phone patch.

Some of his clients include: Verizon, Discovery Channel, NYSE, Orkin, BMO Insurance, Novartis, Canberra, GSK, Amgen, Purdue, Buffalo Wild Wings, Canberra, Scotiabank, Applebee’s, CI Investments, Alcon, BMS, Inner World Outer World, Remington, Siemens and many more.


You know how every time you show up at a cocktail party, there’s always that one beefy guy with the “Monster Truck” voice who hears what you do and explains how everyone tells him he should do voiceovers?

Doug’s not that guy.

Doug’s the guy people go to when they specifically don’t want that guy. He’s like your brother-in-law (the one you like), only with a Pro Tools based, ISDN-connected studio and some sweet Neumann and Sennheiser microphones. Over the years, he’s quietly become the voice behind more than 10,000 spots (really!) and a couple of TV networks.

He’s the Promo voice of HSN – The Home Shopping Network, he’s narrated hour-long documentaries and shows for Discovery Channel and The Travel Channel, and has recently done national spots for KFC, Kellogg’s and T-Mobile.

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