It’s time once again for the NFL Showdown 2017 with MVO: The Voice-Over Guys, where the guys prove how little they know about football and share the ignorance with their entire internet.

MVO: The Voice-Over Guys 2017Each Voice-Over Guy gets to pick 3 of their favorite NFL teams (some guys didn’t have 3 favorites, team loyalty and all that). Then, based on the NFL schedule, their picks and making sure as many guys as possible are featured in all 17 weeks, the list get created. That week’s picks come out every Tuesday. The first game of the regular season starts this Thursday.

Below you can see each Voice Guy’s team picks.

BTW, this is no  fantasy draft involved here nor does any money change hands to be a part of this. This enjoyable distraction is all just a fun way to feature the Guys in a game of the week format.

So for our third year, we hope you enjoy our NFL Showdown.

Barker Vikings Chiefs Packers
Barnett Chiefs Vikings Rams
Burns Seattle Raiders Packers
Caldwell Buccaneers Cowboys Panthers
Clamp Broncos Colts Seattle
Cooper Patriots Raiders Open
Cowlrick Chiefs Patriots Vikings
Davis Patriots Giants Packer
Ebaugh Chiefs Packers Raiders
Friedman Buccaneers Panthers Falcons
George Colts Cardinals Lions
Gormon Panther Broncos Eagles
Hurst Chiefs 49’ers Open
Miles Seahawks Raiders Bills
O’Connell Bills Panthers Packers
Sweeney Chiefs Falcons Raiders
Test Bears Lions Packers
Turkel Dolphins Panther Titans
Venable Rams Cowboys Chargers
Washington Panthers Seahawks Texans

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