What’s New With TOM TEST August 2023 is part of a series in which MVO: The Voice-Over
Guys checks-in with one of our male voiceover talents to learn more about a recent
media project he has voiced. Here’s what Tom shared with us.

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Q. You mentioned a really cool voiceover project in your recent MVO: The Voiceover
Guys update. Can you talk about who the project was for and where it was heard or
Five below logoA: I was chosen to be the voice of the Five Below stores’ “Save the Holidays” national
campaign on TV and digital. The client loved my over the top “retro announcer” read.

Q. What made the media production’s content especially interesting from your
A: It was a series of fun family vignettes with clever visual elements, performed by a
diverse collection of excellent actors.

Q. As the voice talent in your media project, were there any kinds of special ways you
prepared for your voiceover performance? Or anything unique you had to execute from
a technical standpoint?
A: It was a super high energy read, with too much copy in not enough time – which can
be very challenging. But this is actually pretty easy for me, to the point that the producer
dubbed me “Two Take Tom.” He thought he was being clever, I didn’t tell me several
other producers came up with that same nickname for me over the years!

Q. Briefly, are there any other recent voiceover projects you’ve done that you want to
share with us?
A: I just recorded a spot for the SEIU union, aimed at getting certain Congressmen to
consider their interests in an upcoming bill regulating the airline industry. I was a real
person in this spot, not an announcer, and the client expects to record similar spots for
several other Congressmen across the country.


Tom Test has been one of the top voice-over talents in the Midwest since 1989. He created his “Hi-Fi, Sci-Fi, Broadcast-quality studio” in 2003, and has since voiced hundreds of projects from Explainer videos to national TV spots to eLearning to Corporate Image narrations. Tom has voiced quite a few Telly- and other industry award-winning spots in his career, and has also been a much-in-demand voice-over coach and demo producer.

Tom can provide 12 hours or less turnaround and is equipped with Source Connect Standard for remote recording. He also has access to several low-cost ISDN studios in Chicago. Tom’s partial list of clients include a who’s who of the Fortune 1000: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, USAA, Xfinity, Coca-Cola, Shell, Accenture, GE, Boeing, United Airlines, Kraft, Samsung, Snapper/Simplicity Mowers, Eli Lilly, World Book Encyclopedia, Mercury Marine, Walgreen’s, Morgan Stanley, Allstate, Kawasaki, and MANY more!

Tom’s specialties include his warm, authoritative read – especially popular with health-care clients, with whom he has voiced several award-winning campaigns. Tom is *not* a radio announcer – he sounds like a REAL person, talking to you, telling you a true story. His first read is spot-on from the get-go, and he works extremely quickly, being dubbed by several clients as “Two Take Tom.”

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